Some Male Enhancement FAQS to Look Into

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A lot of men wish to improve their sexual performance, function and enjoyment as they get a lot older.  The body starts to experience deficiencies in age, and this can really take a toll on a man’s ability to maintain an erection. There is no doubt that male everywhere would like to satisfy their partners in the bedroom or wherever they may wish to engage in sexual intercourse with each other.  Dealing with these deficiencies can truly affect a man’s self-esteem in a negative manner, which is why they are seeking out ways to improve such situations.  There are a lot of herbal formulas out there that have been proven to increase the effectiveness of a man’s sexual libido, as well as help him maintain an erection much longer than he usually could.  This would equate to healthy sexual living, since he wouldn’t have to deal with premature ejaculation or even take a very long time to recover for another round with the partner.  Male enhancement products, however, can vary a whole lot in how they are formulated and manufactured, and there may be a few of them which aren’t as effective as others.  Below are some often asked questions regarding these products.

·          How do these products work?  Each sexual enhancement product has its own combinations of ingredients as well as uses.  For instance, products like VigRX are infused with herbs from all over the world which would then be converted into a mixture that can enhance flow and circulation of blood to the male genitalia, namely the penis and the testicles.  The corpora cavernosa would be pumped up with enough blood in order to maintain erections.  Of course, with many years of development and research, this formulation can have a significantly positive effect on the male sex drive, allowing men everywhere to experience pleasure and maintain sexual performance for longer periods of time.

·          How many of these supplements should be taken?  The answer to this question greatly varies from each product, especially when one factors in the ingredients used as well as the amounts infused in it.  Therefore, it would always be best for an individual to actually take heed of the instructions placed on the packaging of the supplement.  While most of these products are guaranteed to be safe, especially with approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it would still be important to do some research on them.  Sometimes taking them in large dosages can cause a few problems which range from mild to severe, especially with the potency of the ingredients.

·          What are the side effects of these products?  Many of them are non-prescription based and are practically safe for use.  However, if a person has certain allergies, the ingredients must be checked in order to ensure that it is appropriate for use.  Consulting the doctor would also be highly recommended.

These are just a few out of the many male enhancement FAQs that people ponder on.  Taking the answers into consideration can really save males from a lot of trouble in giving themselves a boost in their sexual drive and performance.

Take The Step To Increase Your Sperm Count

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When men find out that the the cause of infertility is  to low sperm count, it can be really depressing. Having to find out that you have low sperm count can make you feel less like a man. Well, you still have hope.There are several things you can do to make more healthy and viable sperms.

Having low sperm count is a condition that can be managed easily. Tests are first done to determine the cause of the decrease in sperm count, then measures are taken to stimulate production of sperm cells and also to lengthen their lifespan to be able to fertilize an egg cell to conceive. Here are several treatment options to bring on more healthy sperm cells.

How To Increase Your Sperm Count

  • The number one thing you could do is to start with your diet. Diet plays a great role with the production of sperm. What you eat affects the release of testosterone in the body which makes the testes secrete enough sperm cells. With less nutrients in the body, present sperm cells become weak and easily die. The recommended diet to support the health of sperm cells is to have a low fat, high fiber and high protein diet. Eating more of fruits and vegetables can greatly help as well.
  • Too frequent ejaculation can decrease sperm count. It’s recommended that if you want to impregnate a woman, you need to ejaculate at least a day apart during her fertile periods. Having a day off from ejaculation will retain more sperm cells which can be used on the next intercourse. With more healthy cells, the likelihood to fertilize the egg cell is high.
  • Avoid conditions that promote heat and friction to the testes. High temperature promotes killing of sperm cells. Don’t go biking too frequently and if you do, stay away from rough and rocky areas. Hot tub baths can bring heat also to the area. Don’t use underwear or pants that are too tight. When taking hot showers, wet only your body area but use a cooler water on your genital part.
  • Ginseng is a powerful herb that is known to increase sperm count, improve sexual health and become more energetic. You can include ginseng in your diet, in your drink or as herbal supplements. Ginseng is available in many forms and can easily be bought in the market.
  • Taking mineral and supplements that promote health of sperm cells can make them healthy and prevent them from early deterioration. Taking vitamin B complex, C, E, amino acids, calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorous is proven to promote an increase in the number of sperm cells. These nutrients fight off stress and physical conditions and make sperm cells last longer and become more viable to cause conception.
  • These are easy ways to increase your sperm count. Before going into agressive surgery or treatments, these natural ways could definitely work for you. Follow these steps and you’ll definitely be jumping in your feet for having been able to make your partner pregnant.

Male Menopause – True or False?

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As men age and get older, many of them find that they are experiencing similar symptoms as their wives who are having menopause. They carry around excess weight that cannot seem to get rid of, lose interest in sexual activities, have trouble sleeping, feel depressed and tired, and experience various changes in mood.

Several researchers are now starting to agree that a decline in the levels of testosterone which naturally occurs in men as they age can give way to a group of symptoms they call “late onset hypogonadism”, which is more popularly known as andropause or male menopause.

Just as the level of female hormones like progesterone and estrogen decrease for women who are in their fifties or forties, the testosterone level for men also tend to decline with age.

According to Dr. John Morley, a professor of geriatrics and internal medicine, males experience a slow decrease in the levels of testosterone the moment they are in their thirties. By the time they reach 40 or 50, about 3% of males are deficient in testosterone and by 70 years old, 50% deficient.

Effects of Andropause or Male Menopause

According to Dr. Morley, not every man will experience symptoms associated with male menopause, although majority of them will. About 50% of men ages 50 to 70 years old will have andropause.

Women lose their fertility when they undergo menopause. While males may be still fertile after and during their male menopause, they will often have symptoms comparable to menopause in females. Some of these symptoms include having problems with physical fitness, moos, sleep, and sex.

Dr. Morley says that the decline in man’s testosterone levels related with age can give way to unhappiness, fatigue, and sexual problems. Aside from that, it can also cause frailty, decrease in muscle mass, and osteoporosis.

Aside from these symptoms, studies have discovered that menopause in men may be connected to several other health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

When to Go To the Doctor

According to Morley, men who are having symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone like decline in sex drive, inability to obtain and sustain an erection, decrease in athletic performance, fatigue, hot flashes, or unusual mood swings should go and see their doctor.

If the physician things that you have low testosterone levels and that it is the cause of the symptoms, a blood tests may be done in order to measure the level of testosterone. Because the levels of testosterone are highest during the day, it is recommended that the test be done in the morning when the levels are at their peak.

If you have low levels of testosterone, your physician can refer you to a urologist or endocrinologist so that the symptoms andropause may be managed immediately.

There are different kinds of therapies for testosterone replacement. Some of these include intramuscular injections normally given twice a week, testosterone patches used daily, skin gels containing testosterone, and tablets which can be placed on the gums for absorption.

Stop The Battle With Infertility Due To Low Sperm Count

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One of the depressing problems that will be experienced by couples is infertility. Low sperm count is one cause of infertility that can later on be found out with several tests. Low sperm count can happen to any man.

Couples try to conceive and after a year of trying, tests are done to determine the cause of infertility. With the semen analysis, low sperm count is detected. Once low sperm count is diagnosed, treatments to increase the number of sperm are done to solve the problem to promote fertilization.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

  • Medical problems - Low sperm count may be due to undetected medical disorders. Varicocele is the condition wherein the vein in the testes swell. The swelling prevents normal drainage in the testes hindering the normal cooling of the area. Prolonged heat kills the number of sperm cells leaving fewer viable cells. Infection also affects the production of sperm cells. With less production of sperm, there would be few sperm cells that would be released causing infertility.
  • Age - As man ages, the production of sperm becomes lesser. As men reach the age of 39, viable sperm decreases as much as 50%.
  • Lifestyle - Smoking, drinking alcohol and unhealthy diet cause poor production of sperm cells. Smoking causes constriction of blood vessels including those in the testes affecting the normal production of sperm cells. Too much alcohol causes low production of testosterone. With less testosterone, the testes are less stimulated to produce sperm cells. Eating more fatty foods affects also the hormone which is responsible for sperm production.

Treatments For Low Sperm Count

  • If varicocele is the problem, surgery is the best treatment for it. Varicocelectomy is the procedure in removing the varicocele. Once the swelling is corrected, flow of sperm cells becomes adequate along with the cooling process improved.
  • If there’s presence of infection, medications are given to treat the problem. If the cause of infection is bacterial, antibiotics will be prescribed by your doctor.
  • For older people who still want to make their wife pregnant, hormonal replacements may be given. Low testosterone levels will be replaced with testosterone replacements.
  • If lifestyle is the cause of low sperm count, modifying it can really change a lot. Quitting smoking will not only make your sperm count become higher but will have several benefits to health as well. Drink alcohol moderately. Turn to a healthy diet. Eat less fats and sugar and switch to a more nutritious food. Engage also in regular exercise. People who are overweight and obese are proven to have lower sperm count. Losing weight will save you from other diseases too.
  • When low sperm count is the problem, your doctor will find out the major causes in order to find the treatment suited for it. If you’re experiencing this, don’t blame yourself and feel guilty. You’re among the many who suffer from this condition. Remember, it can be easily managed as long as you do your job and follow recommendations from your doctor.

Adropause Treatment Options

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Testosterone is a sex hormone often found in males which can cause a man to possess some of the typical characteristics like an increased muscle mass, hair growth, and deep voice. It is the testes that produces majority of the testosterone in the male’s body.

However, as an individual ages, the testes decrease testosterone production. This change will occur slowly over some time. As testosterone levels will decrease, a man can experience several symptoms like depression, erectile dysfunction, and having a low sex drive. This specific condition, known to many as male menopause or andropause, has several treatment options.

Therapy for Replacement of Hormones

In order to counteract the decline in the production of testosterone, your doctor may prescribe or offer you hormone replacement. Replacement therapy for testosterone is available in the form of injections, patches, gels, and gum tables, says the National Institutes of Health.

Testosterone therapy can aid in increasing libido, sustaining and producing an erection, maintaining bone density and muscle mass, and decreasing incidents of mood swings. Some of the adverse effects of this testosterone replacement therapy are breast development and higher risks of acquiring cancer of the prostate.

Men who have other medical conditions especially those that involve the liver, heart, or kidneys, have increased risks of getting heart failure while on testosterone therapy.

Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

For men who have problems sustaining and obtaining an erection because of andropause, several medications are available which can help in the treatment of this condition. Oral medication available over the counter like tadalafil, vardenafil, and sildenafil, can aid a man in sustaining an erection.

These drugs work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis and by enhancing chemical in one’s body which can relax the muscles found in the penis, according to the Mayo Clinic. Men who have known heart conditions should consult with their physician first prior to taking these medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction due to the serious adverse effects they can produce.

Changing the medication or treating the medical conditions which are the causes of erectile dysfunction can help in the treatment of the condition.

Therapy and Exercise

Men who are experiencing mood swings and depression may find it beneficial if they to someone about their concerns and emotions. Friends, partners, and therapists can help with this problem. There are also medication which can aid men who are experiencing depression.

A healthy diet and regular exercise can aid in the improvement of brain and mood functions. An increase in activity can also be advantageous in maintaining muscle mass and increasing strength. Having a balanced and healthy diet plus engaging in exercises can help a person avoid alcohol and illegal drugs to ease the problems.

Andropause is a condition that occurs with age naturally or it may be brought about by injuries and certain diseases which can decline or stop the production of male hormones. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of male menopause can help individuals seek the help of their physicians so that treatment can begin immediately.